Ball, #Haibun

The ball bobbed along, backspinning. Eager water surged over a long, flat rock- the last barrier- and shot out into open air. The ball, of course, followed as captive. It plummeted down the length of the falls toward a rock that cut the water’s descent, sending spray and mist all directions. Sploink! The ball compressed and exploded up into blue sky. What glorious hang time! The runaway sailed through the air, past cherry trees and fresh green grass until gravity yanked it down with finality. Plunged into the water once more, the ball’s buoyancy wouldn’t let it stay under, so it popped back up, this time in a pool of calm water.

Discarded after a long season of sport, the once red ball had lain dormant under the summer sun and later a blanket of snow, slowly fading with the passing months until spring rains dislodged it. Now, though, it gleamed brightly in the sun. “Mommy, look!” A shrill voice pierced through the roar of the waterfall. Small hands scooped the ball up, promising more days of fun.

puddle reflects sun

evaporates, congregates

down again as rain


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