In The Garden, #Tanka

My spirit blooms here,

black dirt between my fingers,

pulling out the weeds.

Bright sunshine and bird songs blend

with this herbal remedy.

Is it time to work or play? BOTH!


Ball, #Haibun

The ball bobbed along, backspinning. Eager water surged over a long, flat rock- the last barrier- and shot out into open air. The ball, of course, followed as captive. It plummeted down the length of the falls toward a rock that cut the water’s descent, sending spray and mist all directions. Sploink! The ball compressed and exploded up into blue sky. What glorious hang time! The runaway sailed through the air, past cherry trees and fresh green grass until gravity yanked it down with finality. Plunged into the water once more, the ball’s buoyancy wouldn’t let it stay under, so it popped back up, this time in a pool of calm water.

Discarded after a long season of sport, the once red ball had lain dormant under the summer sun and later a blanket of snow, slowly fading with the passing months until spring rains dislodged it. Now, though, it gleamed brightly in the sun. “Mommy, look!” A shrill voice pierced through the roar of the waterfall. Small hands scooped the ball up, promising more days of fun.

puddle reflects sun

evaporates, congregates

down again as rain


Warmed by the Glow

My head throbbed with each footfall as I walked down the dim hallway, but the children were asleep, which made me a conqueror. I was exhausted, but satisfied with the victory. Sharp light pierced my eyes as I emerged into the living room, and I cringed away from it. What happened to that fierce warrior? I snuck a peek out the window, and my breath caught- a golden glow had fallen across the yard. Trees in the distance split the light, sending dusty rays all directions. I hastily positioned myself on the edge of the chaise so that the sunbeams hit my face. They warmed my skin. I closed my eyes and saw the glow through my eyelids. The sun was quickly slipping downward, so I leaned forward and then stood, to chase the light.

sunburned sky will guide

heavy spirits up toward

cloud shaped memories

!!! I was honored last week by being nominated as the Poet of the Week for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge for the Haibun above. For “Warmed by the Glow” I used synonyms for Follow and Lead. My knowledge of the different forms of syllabic poetry has greatly increased since I started participating in Colleen’s challenges. I love writing poetry!