Daughter of Joy

Sparkling eyes

dance side to side.

With mischief and wonder,

they open wide.

Soft little cheeks,

so round and pink,

and a furrowed brow

as you pause to think

all make me smile

at your innocent guile

and laugh out loud

every once in a while.


Heart of Stone

Grief relocates your heart.

You can’t access it for a while,

but once you do,

you feel compelled to follow it,

and you know that you-

ALL of you-

is on a different planet

than everyone else.

Although you can still hear them,

a great distance separates you now.

Their laughter feels excessive

and foreign.

Their smiles flash brightly,

burning your eyes.

So naive.

You were like that once,

but it’s hard to imagine going back.

No, for now you are a stone

lying in the creek bed

waiting for spring rains.


So Done

Can I just cry now

to make it all better?


The tears won’t come,

and they couldn’t cleanse my mind

of its distress, anyways.

The serrated edges of my hopelessness

have already done too much damage.

This knowledge adds another weight

to my heart.

It sags deeper within me,

inky black and constricted.

I feel the toxic bitterness

seeping out of it into

every fiber of my being.

Immobilization takes hold.







(Lest you worry, I must inform you that I am not suicidal. Just reflecting on those darkest of times during my depression.)